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High Performance Racing Suspensions

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Split Mono Leaf

Split Mono Leaf

CR Series 9 Way Adj - Rear Shock

CR Series 9 Way Adj - Rear Shocks

CF Series Front 90-10 Shocks

Front 90-10 Shocks

Supercharger Drive kit-#SU-31K

This drive kit is for 2011 and later Mustang Coyote engines with a 2.9 Whipple supercharger, ( excluding jack shaft design, must be rear entry elbow style). This kit is for drag race only vehicles, accessories such as air conditioning, power steering,smog pumps are removed and have no provisions to install them. The alternator is retained, we suggest a frame rail mounted water pump, such as a Bosch unit.

Clearance/Blemish Shocks

The shocks listed here are our Calvert Racing shocks that have been returned due to incorrect length or incorrect part number was ordered. They may have scratches on the paint or decals or a ding,but have been tested on our shock dyno to insure proper performance to be correct to spec. These are not listed by application, make or model, only by mounting styles and collpased and extended lengths. This may help with custom installations and builds. If you have any questions to mounting styles for your particular vehicle, please contact us. ****Please note these are available in limited quanities****