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Calvert 3-LINK KIT

Calvert 3-Link Kit

Designed for 2015-2019 FORD MUSTANG

Designed to keep the rear axle centered, the pinion angle from changing and the axle from rotating, Calvert's 3-Link Kit works especially well under hard acceleration in drag racing. Each Kit is built to order with the finest materials to ensure the perfect fit on your application. Built with spherical ends, this Kit delivers articulation without binding. It is lightweight, easy to adjust for your individual needs, and works to get the most out of your race car.

NHRA accepted, the Calvert 3-Link Kit was designed by stock race legend and suspension innovator, John Calvert. The Kit includes: Anti Roll Bar, Pan Hard Bar pre-welded to bare 9" Ford Housing (no axles, center section or brakes), "C" Notch Brackets, Shock Mounts, CR Series Adjustable Rear Shocks, Limiting Straps, Vanity Covers, Hardware.

NOTE: Installation requires removal of factory gas tank. Does not require fixtures to install.

Call Calvert Racing directly for information and to order, 661-728-9600

Click HERE for Calvert 3-Link Information Guide